Monday’s Motivation

Today, I am thinking in how my positive attitudes has helped me to achive my goals. No matter the barriers or the challenges I have to face, I am always trying to see the good aspects in most situations. I consider that the difficulties are a growth experiences. Also, everyday my aim is to increase... Continue Reading →

Mindful Quote #2

To be honest, this is a reminder that applies for me too. Because I am a human being I am not perfect. But, my commitment for self-care is to practice mindfulness everyday. However, I am experiencing a lot of challenges in this period of my life. To mention one, this is my last semester of... Continue Reading →

Meditation: Day 10

During the last 10 days, I was sharing with you my meditation experience. For me, it is helpful to make a journal to write about my motivations to do this practice and a short reflection. You could use my last 10 posts, as a sample to do your own meditation journal.  The smallest things can... Continue Reading →

Meditation: Day 9

My intention to meditate today was to relax myself and rest my mind. After a few minutes, I found myself sleeping. It seem like was a productive time because now I am feeling calm and grounded. The smallest things can make the biggest difference. Put aside a few minutes for your mind today.

Meditation: Day 8

My intention to meditate today was to focus on the here and now. To be honest, I was overwhelming thinking in the future. I tried to use my breathe as my anchor to being minful but was difficult for me. After all, I enjoy the peaceful moment and I will keep trying tomorrow to let... Continue Reading →

My positive affirmation for 2018

Power Of Positive thinking is about the affirmation's words that you put in your heart. On 2018,  I will tell to myself I can do it and I will achieve everything that I set out to do. No matter if anybody believe that I am uncapable to bieng sucessful and achieve my dreams. I will... Continue Reading →

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